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Over de Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen

The Faculty of Humanities believes in leading teaching and research in various fields: Language, Literature and Communication, Art and Culture, History, Ancient Studies and Philosophy.

The Faculty of Humanities provides a large range of bachelor’s and (research) master’s degrees, as well as an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE). All teaching in the faculty is personal: students work in small groups, allowing a lot of interaction with fellow students and teachers. Within the degree programmes there is plenty space for individual choice and development, and students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a societal context. Academic challenges, active teaching methods and high-quality supervision are important elements of education in the Faculty of Humanities, with current world issues and major scientific questions playing an important role.

The Faculty of Humanities is the ideal place for internationally renowned professors, researchers and PhD candidates to collaborate on high-quality research. Within almost all fields, our researchers frequently obtain funding on various scales, which has allowed the Faculty to secure an important position with the Humanities. Scientific research at the VU is done within two Research institutes: CLUE+ and The Netwerk Institute. Research is one of the reasons the Faculty of Humanities now boasts a flourishing Graduate School of Humanities for research master’s students and PhD candidates.

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