Department of Philosophy

Philosophy is a rich field that opens up all domains of the world, thought and society to critical examination, and this is reflected in the composition of the VU department of Philosophy. There are over 40 academic staff and approximately 40 internal and external PhD candidates in our department, which is characterized by small-scale teaching, the combination of broad expertise with specialized research and a strong international orientation. Philosophy’s contribution to contemporary issues is also of great importance to the department, as well as the role philosophy can play in reflecting on the nature and position of science in modern society. 

Social engagement and cooperation
The department of philosophy collaborates with a variety of academic, social and business partners: 


The Department of Philosophy provides the bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, as well as various master’s degrees. Each programme starts with a number of core subjects, after which students can choose their own specialization. Besides these degree programmes, the department also provides basic philosophical education for virtually all VU bachelor’s degree programmes.


Philosophical research carried out in the department can be split up according to the three traditional domains: historical, theoretical, practical. Of course, there is also a lot of interaction between the three. The department houses specialists in freedom and responsibility, integrity, the epistemic role of universities, Enlightened thinking and German Idealism, market ethics, the philosophy of psychiatry, the nature of scientific explanations, epistemology of mathematics, and the history of ancient and medieval metaphysics and scientific philosophy.

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