Philosophy staff members


The secretariat of the Faculty of Humanities can be reached by e-mail:

The secretariat is located in room 12A 68, phone number 020 5982683.


Bouter, Lexprofessor Methodology and Integrity
Decock, Lievenprofessor Logic and Philosophy of the Cognitive Sciences
Hees, Martin vanprofessor Ethics, Dean PPE
Munk, Reinierprofessor history modern philosophy
Woudenberg, Renéprofessor epistemology and metaphysics
Widdershoven, Guy(VU medical centre)
Veraart, Wouter(faculty of law)
Merwe, Willie van der(Faculty of Religion and Theology)

Endowed professors

Buijs, Govertendowed professor F.J.D. Goldschmeding Chair in Economics in relation to Civil Society
Glas, Gerritendowed professor Dooyeweerd chair
Martijn, Marijeendowed professor Antique and patristic philosophy
Meynen, Gerbenendowed professor ethics and psychiatry
Regt, Henk deendowed professor scientific philosophy

Academic staff

An overview of our academic staff can be found at the VU Research Portal.