dr. P.H.F. (Petra) Bos

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Assistant professor Applied Linguistics

Office hours: On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays I am at the university and on Wednesday morning you can reach me by email. On Wednesday afternoon and Fridays I do not work.


Research interests

Bilingualism, Developmental language disorders, Moroccan-Arabic



At this moment (2009-2010) I teach the following courses:

Master courses Applied Linguistics:

  • Bilingualism and reading/writing disorders
  • Specific language disorders
  • Special Educational Needs and Dyslexia

Bachelor courses Linguistics:

  • Introduction to specific language impairment
  • Introduction to reading and writing disorders
  • Teaching foreign languages

General Bachelor courses:

  • Coordinator of Introduction to General Linguistcs (together with Hennie van der Vliet, Lourens de Vries, Jan Noordegraaf, Marca Schasfoort, Fleur van der Houwen, Isa Maks)
  • Basic course Moroccan Arabic
  • Follow-up course Moroccan Arabic



My research is focused mainly on the interfaces between reading and writing disorders and the language use of L2-children in Dutch. Moroccan children in the Netherlands who speak Moroccan Arabic at home and Dutch in school are my core informants.



Recent Publications:

    • Bos, P. (2009). L2-Dutch and L2-French of Moroccan adolescents in the Netherlands and France. In: N. Alem & J.J. de Ruiter (eds.) The culture of Moroccan migrants in Europe. pp. 7-24. Oujda, Marokko: Université Mohamed I, Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines.
    • Bos, P. (2008). Langage L2-néerlandais et L2-français des adolescents marocains ausx Pays-Bas et en France. In J.J. de Ruiter (ed.) Langues et cultures en contact. Le cas des langues et cultures arabes et turques en France et aux Pays-Bas, pp. 35-56. Paris: l’Harmattan.
    • Fritschy, W. & Bos, P. (2007). Introduction. In Morocco and the Netherlands: Society, economy, culture, pp. 7-14. Amsterdam: VU University Press.
    • Bos, P. & W. Fritschy (red) (2007). Morocco and the Netherlands. Society, economy, culture. Amsterdam: VU University Press.

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