M.J.M. (Martijn) van Beek MA

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Architecture & Art Historian



Varies. To make an appointment, please send me an e-mail.

Research interests


Architecture, urbanism and architectural theory of the early modern age.



  • Architectural History of the Early Modern Age
  • History of Urban Planning
  • Garden and Landscape Architecture
  • National and International Field Trips (e.g. Florence)
  • Academic Skills
  • Individual tutorials History & Theory of Architecture
  • Methodology History of Architecture
  • BA and MA Thesis Supervisor



Martijn van Beek is Lecturer and Ph.D. Candidate. His research is focused on the Italian manuscripts of Juan Andrés Ricci de Guevara (1600-1681). He finished his MA in Visual Arts, Media and Architecture at VU University Amsterdam with a thesis on the modernist reception of Baroque architecture by Guarino Guarini. He is a visiting researcher at the Dutch University Institutes in Florence and Rome.



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  • Martijn van Beek, ‘The limits of infinity. Sigfried Giedion and the evolution of the reception of Guarino Guarini / De grenzen van oneindigheid. Sigfried Giedion en de receptiegeschiedenis van Guarino Guarini’, OASE 86 (2011), pp. 34-47.
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  • Martijn van Beek, ‘Een verhoging van stoffelijke en zedelijke welvaart. Particuliere woningbouw in Amsterdam 1852-1901’, Kunstlicht 28 (2007) 4, pp. 20-27.