prof. dr. G.J. (Gerard) Boter

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Professor of Greek Language and Literature

Office hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

Textual transmission, text edition and interpretation of philosophical authors, especially Plato, Epictetus and Philostratus.


Courses taught in 2013-2014:
Period 1-2: Greek Mythology (Bachelor 3) 
Period 1-2: Editing and Commenting Technique (with Prof. I. de Jong; Research Master) 
Period 4-5: Euripides'  Iphigenia in Tauris (Bachelor 3)
Period 4-5: Interdisciplinary Course Lucian (with Dr. J.J. Flinterman; Bachelor 3)
Period 5-6: Language acquisition Greek 1e-f: Plato (Bachelor 1)



  • Text edition of Philostratus' Life of Apollonius of Tyana 
    Long term project in collaboration with Dr. J.J. Flinterman and Dr. E.M. van Opstall (VU). The text of the Vita Apollonii was critically edited for the last time in 1870, by C.L. Kayser. Aim of the project is to produce a new critical edition based on an exhaustive study of all the available material (manuscripts, quotations, conjectures and interpretations by revious scholars) and a thorough study of Philostratus’ style and language. Dr. Flinterman and Dr. van Opstall presently work on a commentary on the first book: Flinterman focuses on the historical aspects, van Opstall on the literary aspects.
  • Text edition of Plato's Timaeus
    As a result of his untimely death prof. S.R. Slings has not been able to complete the project “Text Edition of Plato’s Eighth Tetralogy”, initiated in 1977. The Oxford Classical texts edition of the Republic appeared in 2003. It is my aim to complete the project, by editing the Timaeus and the Critias. These editions will be based on the work done by Dr. G. Jonkers (The manuscript tradition of Plato's Timaeus and Critias, 1989), and on the collations of the manuscripts and the indirect tradition put at my disposal by Dr. Jonkers.
  • The Encheiridion of Epictetus
    In 1999 my edition of Epictetus’ Encheiridion was published by Brill; in 2007 an editio minor was published in the Teubner series. In the future I intend to pa more attention to this text and to the Diatribes. Shortly, I intend to devote a study to the relationship between the Diatribes and the Encheiridion.




  • Epicteti Encheiridion, Berlin-New York (Teubner) 2007
  • The « Encheiridion » of Epictetus and its Three Christian Adaptations, Leiden (Brill) 1999
  • Eudaimonia. Plato’s Leerschool van het Geluk, Emmeloord 1997 (met P. Gerbrandy en G. Jonkers), drie delen
  • The Textual Tradition of Plato’s Republic, dissertatie Vrije Universiteit, 1986; Leiden (Brill) 1989
  • Epictetus: Verzameld Werk. Vertaald door Gerard Boter en Rob Brouwer, Amsterdam 2011 

Articles and Reviews:  


  • "VO en WO: eendracht maakt macht", to appear in Lampas 47.1 (2014), 3-11
  • "From Discourses to Handbook: the Encheiridion of Epictetus as a Practical Guide to Life", to appear in Ph. van der Eijk, M. Formisano (eds.), From Words to Acts, Cambridge
  • "Studies in the Textual Tradiiton of Philostratus' Life of Apollonius of Tyana", to appear in RHT 9 (2014)
  • "AITIA ELOMENOY: But Who Makes the Choices? Reading Plato's Republic in the New OCT", in N. Notomi, L. Brisson (eds.), Dialogues on Plato's Politeia (Republic), Sankt Augustin 2013, 19-32
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  • "The accentuation of Greek forms of Latin names containing non-syllabic -u-", ZPE 177 (2011), 254-258
  • "The accentuation of Greek forms of Latin names containing non-syllabic -u-", to appear in ZPE
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Professional activities

  • Member of the Dutch National Graduate School in Classical Studies (OIKOS)
  • Coordinator of the OIKOS research group "Hellenistic and Imperial Literature" (with Prof. R.R. Nauta)
  • Executive editor of Mnemosyne (International Journal of Classics)
  • Chairman of the committee for the national exams Greek and Latin for secondary schools


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