dr. S.W. (Wybren) Verstegen

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+31 20 59 86355
faculteit der geesteswetenschappen ( gesch/oudh/k&c )

Office hours: you can always reach me through my email which I check regularly. Please leave a message on my voicemai +31 20 5986355

Research interests

History of landed aristocracies, environmental history, environmental protection.


Economic, social and environmental history; History of the US South.


  • environmental history
  • environmental protection in the Netherlands
  • country estates

Recent Conferences

Globalization, Heritage, Tourism and Nature. Preservation on Former Estates and Plantations in a Transatlantic perspective (Poster presentation ASEH (American Society for Environmental History) Toronto April 2013

East is East and West is West. Pollution and politics in Eastern and Western Europa after WWII until 1989 (Paper presentation ESEH (European Society for Environmental History), Turku 2011.

English publications

  •   'The nature scenery act of 1928 in the Netherlands', Forest History Today (spring/fall 2015), 4-12. Beschikbaar via http://www.skbl.nl/skbl-international-2/
  • 'American mimicry? Planters' aristocracy and the American Civil War', Virtus. Journal of Nobility Studies, 20, 2014, abstract p. 107.
  • (With P.J.E.M. van Dam) ‘Environmental history: object of study and methodology’ in: J.J. Boersema, L. Reijnders (eds.), Principles of Environmental Sciences (Springer) 25-32.
  • (with J.C. Hanekamp) ‘The Sustainability Debate: Idealism versus Conformism- the controversy over economic growth’in: J. Oosthoek, B.K. Gills The Globalization of Environmental crisis (Routledge) p. 67-80.
  • 'The castle Cannenburg as a centre of noble power in the 16th century: properties or privileges?', Chateau Gaillard. Etudes de Castellologie médiévale 13 (1986) 253-262.
  • (with J.C. Hanekamp) 'The sustainability debate: idealism versus conformism- the controversy over economic growth', Globalizations 2-3 (2005) 349-362.
  • ‘Denying Malthus: demographic, economic, and environmental developments from 1500 to 1800’ and ‘Fuel resources and wastelands in the Netherlands around 1800‘, Tamara Whited (e.a.), Northern Europe. An environmental history (Santa Barbara 2005) 73-102, 165-175.
  • (with J.C. Hanekamp en G. Vera-Navas) 'The historical roots of precautionary thinking. The cultural ecological critique and The Limits to Growth', in: Journal of Risk Research 8-4 (2005) 295-310
  • (with J.C. Hanekamp) 'The problem of the precautionary principle: the paternalism of the precautionary coalition', in: James Panton and Oliver Marc Hartwich, Science vs. Superstition. The case for a new scientific enlightenment (Buckingham 2006) p. 22-34

Professional activities

Member of the advisory board of Virtus. Journal of Nobility Studies