The contribution of the Humanities to the University

08/21/2017 | 08/23/2017

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Agora 1

Summer Seminar 2017: the contribution of the Humanities to the University

Faculty of Humanities


Conference / Symposium

What the Humanities Teach Us
The theme of the seminar is the epistemic status and relevance of the humanities within the university. It is widely felt that the humanities have something valuable to offer to its students, to academia, and to the life of the mind in general: wisdom, certain sorts of insights, a sense of value and meaning. Still, it is often questioned whether the humanities provide us with knowledge; and if it is assumed that they can, it is suggested that the sort of knowledge they are capable of providing pales compared to the sort of knowledge that the natural sciences deliver. It is also suggested that if the humanities are to improve their performance in this respect, they better adopt methods of research styled after natural scientific methods. These developments trigger questions such as:

•    Do the humanities and the natural sciences have the same sort of epistemic goals, or do have different goals?
•    Should the humanities strive to model themselves methodologically in the image of the natural sciences or do they have methods different from and complementary to those of the natural sciences?
•    Are there things we cannot know but through the humanities?
•    Are there humanistic modes of knowing involved in pursuing the natural sciences?
•    Why should universities facilitate the humanities?
•    Are there things that natural scientists can learn from humanistic scholars, vice versa?

Stephen Grimm (Fordham University, USA)
Mary Poplin (Claremont Graduate University, USA)
Gijsbert van den Brink (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Jennifer Gosetti-Ferencei (University of Birmingham, UK)
Andrew Briggs (Oxford University, UK)
Marcus Düwell (Universiteit Utrecht)
Sabine Roeser (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)
Ben Peperkamp (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Maartje Janse (Leiden University)
Suzanne Keen (Washington and Lee University, USA)
Michael Lynch (University of Connecticut, USA)

Theatre Play
Part of the programme is the play “An Evening with C.S. Lewis”, based on the life and writings of CS Lewis. It is a heartwarming, funny and inspiring evening that will bring you closer to the man whose intellect and interests spanned from writing the children’s classic, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to the landmark text in Christian apologist thinking Mere Christianity. The play is written by David Payne, and performed by Philip Crowley.

For who?
The Summer Seminar unites participants from a wide range of academic backgrounds, all interested in the value of the humanities. We welcome (PhD-) students and others working in academia, as well as policy officers. 

Amsterdam Summer Seminar
The seminar is the fourth in a series of seminars we have been organizing over the last four years. They are organized by the Abraham Kuyper Center for Science and the Big Questions, based at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The Center is named after the founding father of this university, who had definite ideas about the university, the sciences, the humanities, and their relations with the big questions.

Information & Registration
For more information and registraion, see the Abraham Kuyper Center website.