Lecturer and researcher Caro Verbeek (History) receives a VCAS-VU talent grant

The grant of about 40,000 euros enables Verbeek to keep working at VU Amsterdam for two more years

07/10/2020 | 1:36 PM

Caro Verbeek is an art historian with specializations in the field of senses (smell and touch) in relation to culture. With her lectures, articles and workshops she contributes to a sensory reconstruction of 20th century art history, in which the "lower" senses (smell, touch, taste, kinesthesia) take up their rightful position. By awarding this grant, Verbeek will be able to remain affiliated with VU Amsterdam and the Faculty of Humanities for two years from January 2021.

Research and museums
Since 2013 she has been working on a dissertation on the role of odor in the avant-garde and also organizes fragrance tours for museums and other institutions for adults, families and children (including Rijksmuseum, Bijbels Museum, Amsterdam Museum). The emphasis is not only on historical scents, but also on historical smelling (what did scents mean in the past?).

Valued scientist and teacher
The advisory committee commends Caro Verbeek for her qualities in education, research and valorisation. She developed a new interdisciplinary line of education and conducts important research at the interface of Medical Humanities and Sensory Studies. Her research addresses important social themes such as inclusivity, medical humanities and diversity. The way in which she publishes her research generates a lot of attention, which has a positive influence on the reputation of VU Amsterdam.

Caro Verbeek also plays an important role in the Master's education about Humanities and Medicine. She developed study programs within the Comenius network. It fits in well with the core values of the VU: Entrepreneurial, Sustainable and Diverse. Her proactive attitude also benefits COVID-19 research. Caro is a scientist VU Amsterdam wants to recognize, value and keep.