Online conference: Making Sense of Finance

How can we learn from the past to reconnect finance with the public? That's the focus of the online conference Making Sense of Finance.

02/25/2021 | 7:30 AM

We are delighted to announce that registration is open for the Making Sense of Finance conference on 12 March 2021. The conference will be broadcast live from De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam.

300 years of sense making
It is more than 300 years ago that the very first international financial crisis emerged: the South Sea Bubble of 1720 that raged through Europe and the world. This crisis generated a wide public debate about the value and threats of the financial sector and the relationship between finance and society thus giving a strong impulse to a long tradition of sense making, i.e. of reflection on the public value of the financial sector. On 12 March 2021 we will further reflect on the dynamic relationship between finance and society.

Join a discussion between different stakeholders
We invite you to join stakeholders from the financial sector, historians of finance, journalists and policy makers to explore pressing questions about the position of the financial sector in society - in the past and the present. The event will include keynote speeches and panel discussions on issues such as the history and nature of trust in the financial sector, the challenges of innovation and internationalization, transparency and accountability, and the need to safeguard financial heritage.

Highlights of the programme:
Keynotes speeches by William Goetzmann (Professor of Finance at Yale School of Management) and Joanne Kellermann (Chair Pension Fund Zorg en Welzijn).

Do you want to join the conference?
Sign up via the registration form.
Registration deadline: 11 March 11.59 pm CET

More information? Take a look at the programme (pdf).


  • 7.30-11.15 am EST (New York)
  • 1.30-5.15 pm CET (Amsterdam)
  • 9.30-1.15 pm JST (Tokio)

Online event room, please register in advance (see above).

About the project Banking on Financial Heritage
This conference is part of the NWO-Internationalisation project ‘Banking on Financial Heritage’ that is initiated and coordinated by historians from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Utrecht University, University of Hertfordshire, and University of Tokyo. The aim of the project is to bring researchers from various countries together and build a sustainable network for the history of finance. Read more about the project.

Are you also interested in an academic workshop and stock-jobbing play?
We would also like to draw your attention to a linked event taking place on 10 and 11 March: an academic conference on the financial crises of the 18th century, and a staging of a stock-jobbing play by Theater Kwast: Pieter Langendijk’s Quincampoix or the wind Traders (1720). For more information about the conference and the play: please visit the website of the Dutch-Belgian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.

This conference is also made possible thanks to the support of Capital Amsterdam:

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