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Coronavirus: Carefully returning to campus


Last change on Tuesday 22 September: Stick to the basic rules

Debate series on sustainable and just free markets with Nobel Prize winners Joseph Stiglitz and Mohammad Yunus


Towards a New market Economy in Europe for Future Generations: start international consultation

Lecturer and researcher Caro Verbeek (History) receives a VCAS-VU talent grant


The grant of about 40,000 euros enables Verbeek to keep working at VU Amsterdam for two more years

The Faculty of Humanities welcomes (International) Students!


Even though these are uncertain times, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is committed to engaging fully with the delivery of our education programmes. Throughout these current challenges, we have ensured continuity of all our programs and we will continue to do so for our programs starting September. Thinking about studying at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam? That is still very much possible!

Coronavirus: VU Amsterdam


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Coronavirus: VU Amsterdam


Op 15 maart heeft het kabinet besloten om onder meer alle scholen, horeca en kinderdagverblijven te sluiten. Ook de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam heeft haar deuren gesloten om de verdere verspreiding van het coronavirus te voorkomen. Tot het einde van het collegejaar wordt er daarom alleen online onderwijs gegeven. Ook medewerkers worden geadviseerd thuis te werken.

Justice Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus visits the Cross Cultural Human Rights Centre


On Friday 7 November the Dutch Justice & Security minister, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, visited the Cross Cultural Human Rights Centre.

Martin Luther King Lecture 2019


We cordially invite you to the lecture on 28 November from 7:30pm to 9:15pm that will be held in the Aula of the Main Building, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Genes affect bullying behaviour


What makes some children more vulnerable to being bullied by peers than others? Heritability plays a major role in school bullying, even more so than the school and home environment. This also goes for the behaviour of bullies. Some bullies are victims themselves, and this too has a genetic basis. This is shown by scientists from the Netherlands Twin Register of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The study is published today in the scientific journal Behavior Genetics.

We are in charge


Looking back at the opening of the academic year 2 September 2019

NWO-Spinoza Prize projects Piek Vossen "Understanding Language by Machines"


Five years of innovative research

NWO-Spinoza project Piek Vossen "Understanding Language by Machines"


Het resultaat van 5 jaar grensverleggend onderzoek.

Specialization Literature and Society: Dutch is being phased out


VU Amsterdam will not be able to offer the Bachelor’s degree programme specialization 'Literature and Society: Dutch' to new, incoming students from next academic year (2019-2020) onwards.

TERRANOVA: 15 PhD positions available!


Would you like to become part of a new generation of landscape managers? Would you like to be employed and trained as a PhD researcher and to work, with a prestigious European fellowship, in an international and multidisciplinary team of researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs in the field of landscape history and management? Then, the TERRANOVA partners would like to hear from you. Apply for the position of PhD in one of our 15 research and training projects in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Famous philosopher Graham Priest gives lecture at VU Amsterdam - CANCELED!


Radical alternatives: Marxism and Buddhism