Academic Language Programme

What is the Academic Language Programme?

The Academic Language Programme (ALP) is a set of courses, workshops and coaching sessions focusing on communicative skills in English and Dutch. These services are specifically intended for students, PhD researchers, lecturers and other staff in all faculties and service departments of the VU. All participants can profit from intensive forms of feedback. The ALP is a specific contribution from the Faculty of Humanities to the implementation of VU language policy.

Why does the ALP focus on the VU community’s communicative competences?

Language users need to be communicatively competent to start out on the Dutch and international labour markets, and to confidently set out on a graduate programme. They will need to be able to use Dutch and English with ease in a wide variety of communicative situations. The Academic Language Programme seeks to contribute to a successful expansion of the VU’s internationalization programme as well as to its reputation in Dutch society. Read more about the ALP.

What does the ALP have to offer?

  • For students: courses in Academic English, Academic Dutch and Dutch for beginners. 
  • For students working on their dissertation: a writing centre offering workshops and coaching sessions, oriented towards Dutch or English texts. 
  • For PhD researchers: intensive English courses on different levels. 
  • For lecturers: workshops on English pronunciation and training in how to provide feedback on students' English, using ELS-online.
  • For policy staff and service department staff: tailor-made courses on university English.


If you would like to know more about the ALP’s services or would like to meet to discuss language policy issues within your degree programme or across your faculty, please contact the chairman of the ALP programme committee, Prof.dr. Mike Hannay.