Collaboration with the UvA

The VU and the UvA cooperate closely on a number of fields of research, and the two universities offer joint teaching programmes in some of these fields.


E-humanities is one of the new main themes of teaching and research at VU University. Along with the University of Amsterdam and the KNAW institutes, VU University has set up a new Centre for Digital Humanities. Starting in 2014 there will be a minor in Digital Humanities, and in Master's and Research Master's teaching a lot of attention will be given to digital publication of sources, digital analysis and digital visualizations. Crash courses are offered for staff and PhD students.


Heritage has been a main theme of teaching and research at VU University and the University of Amsterdam for a number of years now. Together the two universities offer a Master's degree in Museum Curator and Heritage Studies. Within CLUE+, the interfaculty research institute, an interdisciplinary approach to research into (cultural) heritage is required. Heritage also plays a major role in the teaching programmes of other Master's degrees.

Creative Industry

In CIRCA, the Creative Industries Research Centre Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam and VU University collaborate with the Waag Society and Amsterdam University for Applied Scienceson projects on the (history of the) creative industry. These are always 'embedded research' projects: short-term research projects which see a Humanities researcher in close cooperation with creative companies, heritage institutes or private companies in a manifestation of 'applied humanities'.

Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA)

This centre sees VU University and the University of Amsterdam offer joint scientific education within Classics, Archaeology, Ancient Studies and Ancient History. The research conducted by this institute relates to a number of different fields such as archaeology, culture and languages of Anatolia, Mesopotamia, the Mediterranean and North West Europe. The institute ACASA also studies the history, language and culture of ancient Greece and Rome, which includes Byzantine Greek, Neo-Latin, Greek and Roman Philosophy and early Christian literature and culture.