Doing a PhD

What does it mean to do a PhD?

As a PhD candidate, you will execute original scholarly research under the supervision of a professor and you will contribute to the development of our knowledge in the field of Humanities. In this way, PhD candidates make an important contribution to the faculty’s research and will be welcomed within the faculty. 

Under normal circumstances, a PhD track will take four years. There are various kinds of PhD candidates. Some candidates are employed by the university, but others bring their own grant, for example a teacher’s grant for high school teachers who execute PhD research. The faculty also has a large number of external PhD candidates, who work part-time on their research. The website of the VU regularly features vacancies for new PhD positions at the faculty, for which you can apply. On Academic Transfer, PhD positions are also advertised.

If you are interested in doing PhD research, you would do well to look first into the research specialisations of the professors working at our faculty (in Dutch), to see whose specialisation best accommodates your own interests in scholarly research. You can contact him or her directly or via the Graduate School of Humanities, to review the possibilities. 

We would like to call the attention of those students who have finished the one-year Master Philosophy (60EC) and whose thesis was graded with at least 8.0, to the opportunity of an extra research year. This would improve your already good position for an application for a PhD position at the VU or elsewhere. Read more about this extra research year of Philosophy.

Are you curious what doing PhD research at the VU is like? Read more about it on the VU website.

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