Meet the staff

Prof. Lieven Decock

Coordinators team
Philip Robichaud, course coordinator for philosophy
Patrick Overeem, course coordinator for politics
Roland Luttens, course coordinator for economics

Operational Manager / Academic Advisor
Eva Meijerink

Advisory board
Michel Heijdra
Herman van Rompuy
Gerrit Zalm (Chair of the board)
Laura van Geest

Management Team
Prof. Dr Lieven Decock, dean John Stuart Mill College
Prof. Dr Michel ter Hark, head of studies Economics PPE
Prof. Dr René van den Brink, head of studies Economics PPE
Prof. Dr Ben Crum, head of studies Politics PPE
Sanne Groothuis, MSc, tutor PPE
Eva Meijerink, MA, Student Affairs Officer
Moritz Arndt, Student Council

Junior Lecturers/ PhD candidates
Akshath Jitendranath
Brian Colgan
Diederik Stadik
Marina Uzunova
Sanne Groothuis
Stefano Merlo
Steven Otterman

Meet PPE students

Watch the following video with our two students, Ines and Jeanne (PPE Class of 2019), who will show you around the John Stuart Mill College to get a proper vision of what your PPE study experience could look like!

Student’s experiences

“When I tell others about PPE I often hear the question: “So what do you want to do later on?”. The great thing about PPE is that since the skills the programme offers are so broad, we do not have to make that decision yet. I am sure that most students would agree that the programme has really changed their way of thinking. By the end of your studies you will not have learnt everything, but you will have learnt how to learn. In our present world, it is more important than ever to be able to find the right sources, and to critically evaluate arguments.

My name is Hendrik and I am part of the ‘first generation‘ of PPE at the VU. PPE is a community of students from various backgrounds and the perfect place for ambitious, open-minded individuals to start their academic or professional career. The courses are challenging, though highly rewarding. After choosing from the extensive course offerings in the second year you can go on exchange at amazing universities throughout the world or do an internship in your third year. Throughout our studies we have the opportunity to attend inspiring extracurricular events. […]”

Hendrik Dellbruegge (2017)