The Faculty of Humanities  forms an ideal environment for internationally renowned professors, researchers and PhD candidates to perform high-quality research together. The faculty carries out fundamental research as well as socially relevant research, allowing us to keep up with current debates and developments. We are one of the top research faculties both nationally and internationally, and our research has an impact on the academic world as well as the wider world around us.

Research Institutes

Research at the VU is organized in twelve interfaculty research institutes (IOZIs). In the Faculty of Humanities, all research is done within two of these institutes:CLUE+ and the Netwerk Instituut.

Research Centres

The research centres conduct research focused on specific themes. When taken together, these provide a good indication of the current research profile of the Faculty of Humanities.


The Faculty of Humanities provides various opportunities for PhD research.

Research Projects

Research projects are either financed by external funds (national, European or global), or by companies or institutions form via contract research.