University campus and facilities

VU university’s central campus of today in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district features all facilities for teaching and research. It is also an easily accessible metropolitan meeting place thanks to its Zuidas location in the immediate vicinity of Schiphol Airport. Being a true part of Amsterdam, VU University is an international community that works together with knowledge partners, civil society and business.


The VU university campus offers excellent facilities for research and teaching, with modern buildings and research infrastructure, and innovative facilities such as electronic examinations in the DigiTenT exam hall. In addition, the campus offers an inspiring, welcoming and lively range of related services, making it a pleasant place to be by opening its doors to a broad cross-section of the public:

  • Extensive library facilities of the VU University Library
  • Sports facilities and sports programs in the Sports Centre’s multiple locations
  • A varied cultural programme of theatre, film, music and dance at the Griffioen Cultural Centre, currently situated at the VU Uilenstede location
  • A wide and tempting range of shops, cafés and restaurants
  • ’t Olifantje childcare centre
  • A permanent exhibition space in the Main Building where the Exposorium presents current exhibitions. The Exposorium also curates the university’s art collection and it maintains an art route through the public areas on campus.
  • An impressive selection of rooms and halls for conferences and other meetings
  • Guests, visitors and others can make use of a variety of IT and communication facilities
  • Studio VU and Reprographics provide professional graphic design, photography and printing

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