Why study at VU Amsterdam?

VU Amsterdam is an internationally renowned research university. With more than 23,000 students, we conduct cutting-edge research into problems of major societal and scientific importance. VU Amsterdam distinguishes itself in research and education through four major themes reflecting its strong level of involvement in current societal issues: Human Health and Life Sciences, Science for Sustainability, Connected World and Governance for Society. As a student this will help you look beyond the boundaries of scientific disciplines, to engage with society and to seek tangible solutions for a better world. We ask and expect our students, researchers, PhD candidates and employees to look further; to look beyond the boundaries of their own field, culture, traditions and philosophy to become critical and socially engaged academics.

A unique university

Eleven faculties share a single campus and cover a wide spectrum of arts, sciences and medicine. With more than 50 Bachelor’s degree programmes and over 120 Master’s degree programmes, VU Amsterdam offers a wide choice of study options.

Unique identity

VU stands for Vrije Universiteit. VU Amsterdam was the first university in the Netherlands established in 1880 by Abraham Kuyper, with no interference from the church or the state. This heritage is still very much part of who we are. From the very beginning, the university has determined its own areas of research, created its own study programmes and practised its own didactic methods. The teaching style can be described as student-centered: we stimulate students to develop their own opinion through independent and creative thinking.

VU Amsterdam