Student council

If you are interested in discussing issues related to education and in helping to make decisions on such issues , then committee work might be exactly what you’re looking for. As a member of a programme committee, the university council, or a faculty student council, you will play an important part in how the faculty and university function. You will also gain great experience and learn how to think about and help decide on changes and improvements to the university in a constructive manner. There are various ways in which you can become involved in committee work at faculty or university level.

Programme committee

Programme committees (PC) are advisory bodies in which teaching staff and students join forces to help improve the quality and content of education. These statutory committees serve to advise the education office and the Faculty Board about any number of issues regarding education. All bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in the Faculty of Humanities have a PC, so PC student-members are directly involved with their own education. All PCs find it important to know what the students have to say.

Faculty Student Council

The Faculty Student Council (FSC) is the highest student consultation committee in the Faculty of Humanities. The FSC is a crucial link between students and the Faculty Board and is tasked with guarding the interests of fellow students. Through the FSC, students can be involved with the decision-making process within the faculty. The FSC consists of six members responsible for representing their fellow students in the Faculty of Humanities for the full academic year. They do this by taking part in meetings of the Faculty Board, as well as by participating in various committees.

The council of 2019-2020
In the academic year 2019-2020, the council of the Faculty of Humanities consists of:
- Even Lislien Grimstad
- Kimberly Puister
- Kat Baron
- Jessica Nyuiadzi
- Laura Falsberg
- Wouter Juffermans

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Twitter: @fsrfgw_vu

Student member of the Faculty Board: the assessor

The assessor is a student who can advise the Faculty Board at all times about what is going on in the faculty. This includes topics regarding education, as well as student facilities. The student assessor has a central role in the faculty, advising the Faculty Board on the one hand, and staying in touch with the Faculty Student Council, programme committees and student associations on the other hand.

The student assessor has to collect information and make sure it reaches the Faculty Board and, through the Faculty Board, all parts of the student council. The student assessor thinks about faculty policy, but also has monthly meetings with other assessors from other faculties, allowing them to participate in discussions that relate to the VU as a whole, including internationalization and campus facilities.

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