Minor in English

"Become proficient in the major language of research and business"
"Learn about how English is changing, and what it means for you"

Are you planning to write your BA thesis in English or follow an
English-taught MA programme and do you want to improve your English
writing and speaking skills? Are you interested in studying how English
is used across the world, how the language is changing as a consequence,
and what characterizes the language in your own area of expertise?

Why a minor in English at VU?
Adopting a linguistic and sociolinguistic perspective, the minor in
English gives you an understanding of the role English plays in the
Netherlands and in the wider world today, and how the language is
changing to meet new demands. Moreover, the minor aims to improve your
English writing and speaking skills to make sure that you are well-
qualified to play a role in an international setting. It will also
provide you with insight of the features of the language used in your
own academic discipline.

Study Programme
The Minor in English consists of five courses of 6 EC each. You will get
an introduction to the most important aspects of formal written English,
together with an overview of the most important aspects of English
Grammar in an academic context. The follow-up writing courses provide
more in-depth treatment of writing issues, such as style, clarity and
cohesion, and aim to bring you up to the C1 level of the Common European
Framework (CEFR). In addition, you will receive individualized
pronunciation and presentation training and learn more about the role of
a non-native accent in an international setting. In the Global English
course you will study how English is used in the Netherlands and around
the world, and how the language is changing. In English in my own
discipline you will learn how to conduct an analysis of the language
used in your own areas of expertise.

Target audience
The Minor in English is open to students from all BA majors who are
interested in how language, specifically English, works in complex
communicative situations. Students in the BA programme CIW specializing
in English and International Communication are excluded from

More information
For more information on the Minor Engels // Minor in English, please
contact Prof. Mike Hannay at m.hannay@vu.nl
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Global English Periode 1 6.0 L_ETBAETK209
Minor English: Grammar and Writing 1 Periode 1 6.0 L_ETBAALG007
Minor English: Pronunciation and Presentation Periode 2 6.0 L_EABAALG006
Minor English: Writing 2 Periode 2 6.0 L_ETBAALG005
Minor English: English in my own Discipline Periode 3 6.0 L_ETBAALG008
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