prof. dr. Hans Radder

faculteit der geesteswetenschappen ( filosofie )
Professor of philosophy of science and technology (emeritus)


Philosophy of science and technology.

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Principal research topics are: scientific observation and experimentation; scientific realism; historical, epistemological and ontological issues concerning (scientific) concepts; the normative and political significance of (recent) science and technology; the commodification of academic research.


Teaching: introductory, intermediate and advanced lectures and seminars on a variety of topics in the philosophy of science and technology.

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Hans Radder holds degrees in physics (1975: MSc., from VU University Amsterdam) and in philosophy (1978: MA, cum laude, from the University of Amsterdam; 1984: PhD, cum laude, from VU University Amsterdam). From 1980 through 1987 he co-edited the philosophical journal Krisis. He has published several books and edited volumes and many articles. Currently, he is professor of philosophy of science and technology in the Faculty of Philosophy at the VU University Amsterdam. He is a fellow of the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences and of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research at Bielefeld University, Germany.


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